The Equity and Inclusion Journal Club (EIJC) meets on a weekly basis in the spring to discuss issues of equity and inclusion in science. The EIJC takes as its stance that the practice and culture of science are not immune to the widespread inequality in society as a whole. The underrepresentation of people of color (e.g., blacks, Latinx, Indigenous Americans) and women in STEM fields at all academic levels—from science majors, to graduate students, to postdoctoral researchers, and faculty—is a long-standing and well-documented problem. It is a problem rooted in the structural racism and sexism embedded in every sector of society (e.g., education, health care, housing, employment). In seeking to create a more equitable scientific community at Harvard, the EIJC aims to foster honest discussions about the historical, systematic, and structural nature of inequality.

The objectives of the EIJC include the following: (1) To open a dialog amongst students and educators about the causes of the dearth of diversity in academic and professional science; (2) to help participants understand how the special challenges experienced by the underrepresented student can effect his or her learning in the classroom; and (3) to seek solutions that can be implemented at Harvard to make the scientific community more equitable.

On this website, you will find resources—including articles and presentations—that have been compiled by the organizers and participants of the EIJC. The EIJC is open to all at Harvard and welcomes feedback from the community.


The EIJC was founded by Nia Imara and is co-organized with Anna Pancoast. The website was designed by Philip Rosenfield.  We are grateful to the Harvard Initiative for Teaching and Learning (HILT) for sponsoring the first EIJC in 2018.

For current and past EIJC talk schedules, click here.


Email: eijc@cfa.harvard.edu
Address: 60 Garden St., Cambridge, MA 02138