Learning to Do Diversity Work: A Model for Continued Education of Program Organizers
The Physics Teacher, 2017
Publisher link pdf download
Toward Inclusive STEM Classrooms: What Personal Role Do Faculty Play?
CBE - Life Sciences Education, June 2016
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Mentoring for Diversity in Technology
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Publisher link pdf download
Social justice and out‐of‐school science learning: Exploring equity in science television, science clubs and maker spaces
Science Education, July 2017
Publisher link pdf download
A Framework for Inclusive Teaching in STEM Disciplines
From Teaching Inclusively: Resources for Course, Department and Institutional Change in Higher Education
(PDF only) pdf download
Inclusive Teaching Strategies Reflecting on Your Practice
From University of Michigan's Center for Research on Teaching and Learning
(PDF only) pdf download


“Inclusive Teaching” April 20, 2018 Kelly Blumenthal and John Lewis (CfA) pdf download
"The roads to more inclusive (virtual) meetings in Astronomy" September 28, 2020 Floor Broekgaarden and Karin Öberg (CfA) pdf download