K-12 Education & School Segregation


From the achievement gap to the education debt: Understanding achievement in US schools.
Educational researcher, 2006.
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Creating schools where race does not predict achievement: The role and significance of race in the racial achievement gap.
The Journal of Negro Education, 2008.
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Young, Black, mathematically gifted, and stereotyped
The High School Journal, 2013
Publisher link pdf download
Grappling with racism as foundational practice of science teaching
Science Education, 2019
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Choosing a School for My Daughter in a Segregated City: How one school became a battleground over which children benefit from a separate and unequal system.
The New York Times, 2016
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“Gatekeepers of a So-Called Meritocracy” March 2, 2018 Grant Tremblay (CfA) pdf download
"Education Reform" 26 APR 2019 Kelly Blumenthal pdf download